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Master Composter Apprentice Training
Program Overview
Notes for Master Composters

This is a BCEMC internal document. To see the information about the apprentice program written for the public, see Become a Master Composter.

About the Program
  1. The goal of the program is to prepare community home composting teachers.

  2. This is a mentoring program. A mentor is a current BCEMC master composter who is willing to teach, guide, advise, and demonstrate for their apprentices.

  3. The apprentice program will pair a willing apprentice with a willing mentor in order to share the science, art, materials, methods, techniques and benefits of high desert home composting and to discuss methods for teaching composting to the community.

  4. Once apprenticeship requirements have been completed, the apprentice will become a master composter and may become a member of the BCEMC.

  5. Apprentices and mentors will follow the syllabus.

  6. An individual apprentice should complete all program requirements in a timely fashion, not to exceed twelve months.

  7. Mentor/apprentice collaborations will be in person, on-line, and on the phone.

  8. A few topics will be covered in group classes which will be held whenever it is deemed enough students are available to attend the classes.

  9. A mentor will be limited to two apprentices at any one time unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.

  10. Admission to the program will be staggered and dependent on whether mentors are available at a given time.

  11. The group of mentors and the apprentice coordinator and possibly other board members will review applications to determine admission to the program.

  12. Only those who demonstrate commitment to the mission of the BCEMC will be accepted.

  13. Any issues which may arise in the program will be referred to the Board of Directors for discussion and resolution.

  14. Any mentoring expense may be submitted to the BCEMC treasurer.

Requirements for Mentors
  1. Mentors will guide, teach, and demonstrate so that their apprentice(s) may complete the program.

  2. Mentors will follow the prepared apprentice program syllabus..

  3. Mentors will maintain a record of accomplishments for each individual apprentice.

  4. Mentors will strive to help the apprentice complete the program in a timely fashion, no longer than twelve months. They will collaborate with their apprentice(s) regarding scheduling.

  5. Mentors will follow the bylaws of the BCEMC and any NMSU guidelines and requirements.

  6. Mentors will notify the Board of Directors of any issues with the program.

Requirements for Apprentices
  1. Apprentices will be dedicated to participation in all aspects of the program: demonstrations, meetings, presentations, classes, readings, projects, quizzes, and final assessment.

  2. Apprentices are committed to sharing desert home composting information in the community once they have completed the program.

  3. Apprentices will complete and submit the application form.  If they are accepted to the program, they will submit a $50.00 fee made payable to the BCEMC. See application info.

  4. Apprentices are willing to travel to certain teaching and demonstration sites in Albuquerque or nearby locations.

  5. Apprentices will maintain a record of completed requirements.

Requirements for Apprentice Program Coordinator
  1. The program coordinator maintains a list of all current mentors with their contact information.

  2. The program coordinator maintains a list of all apprenticeship applicants along with their contact information.

  3. The program coordinator maintains a list of mentor/apprentice pairs.

  4. When an apprenticeship request is received, the program coordinator contacts available mentors to find if they are willing to accept an apprentice.

  5. If a mentor is available, the program coordinator pairs the apprentice with a mentor and notifies them via email.

  6. If a mentor is not available, the program coordinator notifies the applicant and puts their name on a waiting list.

  7. The program coordinator notifies the webmaster when a mentor/apprentice connection has been made so that the webmaster may send out the appropriate link to educational materials.

Requirements for Webmaster
  1. The webmaster will receive the completed applications.

  2. The webmaster will forward all completed applications to the apprenticeship coordinator and copy to the BCEMC President.

  3. After the apprenticeship coordinator informs the webmaster that a mentor/apprentice connection has been made, the webmaster will send the apprentice links to educational materials.

Resources for Apprentices and Mentors
  1. On our website, all of the left menu items on the home page.

  2. BCEMC manual, link to be provided to enrollees who are accepted to the program.

  3. The apprentice program syllabus.

  4. Demonstration/teaching sites.

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