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Homemade Compost Bins for the Desert

The following presentations demonstrate how a home composter might make an inexpensive composting set up which would be appropriate for the desert. A few things to keep in mind for all systems:

  • Desert composting bins should be low porosity (fewer holes), which helps decrease evaporation of moisture from the decomposing organic materials.

  • The top of the organics in the bin should be covered with plastic after an addition is made, then the top of the bin itself should be covered.

  • Ideally a bin should be placed in the shade in the Summer months.

  • If shade is not available the bin may be over-draped with two layers of shade fabric.

  • It may be useful to see our Desert Composting Recommendations.

  • Questions may be sent to

The presentations may not display well on Internet Explorer and old versions of other browsers. If formatting looks strange, please use up-to-date versions of Chrome or Firefox or Safari or a smart phone to view.

The Homemade Bin Systems

Instructions by John Zarola, photos by Mike Stoy.

A young woman holding a large white plastic bucket pointing to holes punched around the bottom edge of the bin.

Photo courtesy of Mike Stoy

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