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Become a Master Composter

A Master Composter demonstrating something to a trainee.

Photo courtesy of Diana Chantalle

The first step to become a Master Composter is to complete Master composter training.  This is a focused "train-the-trainer" program which prepares individuals to become educators in a variety of composting methods for the community. Participants will become adept in the science, art, materials, methods, and benefits of home composting in the high desert so that they can teach this to others.  This training is a rigorous course of study which requires a dedication to reading, research, practice, and planning for attendance at all scheduled sessions.​

After you have completed the training plus 10 hours of volunteer service, you will be eligible to become a Bernalillo County Extension Master Composter.

In 2021, we changed from the 100% classroom-based training, which we held most years since 2010, to primarily one-on-one mentor/apprentice training. The mentor and apprentice will follow a syllabus based on our training manual. There will be both textual and hands-on collaboration and instruction plus a few group classes.

In 2023, we hope to hold the group classes on weekends in May, exact dates yet to be determined. We are accepting applications through April 15 for the May classes. If there are not enough applicants for the May classes, group classes will be postponed until we have enough applicants. So please send your application at any time. We will continue to offer new classes whenever we have a new group ready to begin.

To learn more about the program and to learn how to apply, please see Master Composter Apprentice Program Description and Requirements.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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