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Worm Sources

Image by sippakorn yamkasikorn

You may purchase red composting worms (and possibly worm castings) from the following organizations and enterprises in or near Bernalillo County. They may be available at other area nurseries and bait shops as well. The following is for information only.


We do not endorse any particular product, vendor, or service and welcome new information from the public. Please contact the webmaster at

Any of this information may change at any time. We suggest that you call ahead to verify availability.

  • Osuna Nursery, 501 Osuna Road NE, Albuquerque, 505-345-6644 (seasonal, most likely during warmer months)


You may also order worms, non-locally, from the internet.


Or you might be able to get worms from a friend.  It doesn't take too many to start.


Once you are started, consider swapping a few worms with a friend to diversify the genetic makeup of your worms.


And check out NMSU Guide H-164: Vermicomposting.

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