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I Can't Do My Own Compost Pile Right Now. What Can I Do With My Kitchen Scraps?

A bucket full of kitchen scraps

OK, you are convinced it's good to compost and keep organics out of the landfill, but, right now, composting is not an option for you. What to do with your kitchen scraps and yard trimmings? This is a question we often get. Here are some options:


  • Contact your local church or school or a nearby community garden as they might have a composting setup to which you can contribute.

  • Perhaps you have a friend or neighbor who composts and would like to take these for their compost bin? Put out the word and you might find someone.

  • Connect with a local business or individual via ShareWaste.

  • Drop off your organic extras at Rio Grande Community Farm. There are two locations where you can leave your compost feedstock. See links to maps near bottom of the page in the link given. 

  • If you are a business with a large amount of organics that can be composted, you can contact Soilutions.

  • For three weeks in the spring and fall, the city of Albuquerque will pick up yard trimmings from the curb.  The Fall 2023 pickup program will be between November 27 and December 8.  See 2023 Fall Green Waste Collection for details.

  • The city of Rio Rancho will pick up green waste from the curb during a limited time period in the spring and fall. They will also pick up green waste for a fee by appointment. See Rio Rancho Green & Yard Waste.


If you know of other options, please share with us. Contact

Looking to the Future

Barelas Senior Center and North Valley Senior Center are installing community composting systems and hope to accept organics from the public in the near future.  We'll let you know here when these are ready.  Check back soon.  In the meantime, both sites welcome volunteers.

Various other groups and individuals in New Mexico are working to fund and build community composting sites. For example, see New Mexico Compost Coalition Community Composting. We hope it will not be long before we can list more community compost drop-off locations here. 

Please contact your city councilors and let them know that you would like community composting in the future.

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