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Five-Gallon Bucket Composting


March 29, 2023

I attended a composting class in January and started composting in February. My husband and I decided on the cold chop and dump method using 5 gallon pails. I have questions about the best method to store my 5 gallon pails while waiting the 6 months for the composting process.


Answer by JZ: Great to hear about your composting efforts. Other master composter colleagues may also respond to your question: "How to store 5 gallon buckets filled with organic material for decomposition?" Hopefully I understand your question.  If not, get back to me. Assuming that the buckets have drainage holes in the bottom and air intake holes in the side perimeter and coarse bulking material has been added as the bucket was filled, then you may store them outdoors on the soil, in a warm location at this time of year. When temperatures rise in summer, then put them in the shade. Elevate them above soil with pieces of wood underneath just as in the picture on the below web page. Check them regularly to be sure moisture is appropriate in the container(s).  Add water as necessary.

Similar to a trash can composter:

Homemade Bin Plastic Container | Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters | New Mexico

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