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Plastic Container Bin

Additional comments for Plastic Container Bin method:
  • If shade is not available, the bin may be covered with two layers of shade fabric or cardboard.

  • Maintain a moisture level in the organic materials that it is similar to the moisture content of freshly brewed coffee grounds, saturated but not dripping.

  • In order to harvest finished compost from this bin, after about six months of decomposition, dump the contents on a tarp. Separate out the undecomposed organics and return them to the bin and continue the process. Finished compost may be added to garden soil.


Please see Desert Composting Recommendations​.

If you have questions, see Ask A Master.

To see other styles of homemade compost bins see Homemade Compost Bins for the Desert.

Instructions by John Zarola, photos by Mike Stoy.

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