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Community Outreach

A teacher and students in an indoor classroom learning Basic Composting.

Photo courtesy of Zane Dohner

The mission of a Master Composter is to share information with interested citizens about the art, science, materials and methods of home composting. Hopefully, Master Composters in each participating county will form their own group organization that will coordinate local community outreach education. Prior to that formation each student should identify future teaching venues.

Students may complete their volunteer time in their own home county. The format for reporting volunteer hours that have been completed will follow below. For future outreach presentations it is suggested that Master Composters work in teams of two or more. This would provide for mutual assistance and support with the experience.

Volunteer Opportunities


For a list of activities that master composters do to support our mission, please see Volunteer Opportunities.

Possible Community Teaching Venues
  • Senior Centers

  • Community Gardens

  • Community Supported Agriculture Farms

  • Community Colleges

  • Continuing Ed.

  • Garden Clubs

  • Faith Based Groups

  • Boy / Girl Scout groups

  • 4-H Groups

  • Libraries

  • Fairs

  • Botanical Gardens

  • Farmers / Growers Markets

  • Service Clubs: Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis

  • Garden Centers and Nurseries

  • Neighborhood / Homeowner Associations

  • Schools / Classrooms

  • Home Schooling Groups

  • Recommendations from County Horticulture Agents

  • Keep NM Beautiful Affiliate in Your Community

  • State Fair

Additional recommendations may be sent to the outreach coordinator.
Venues in Bernalillo County That Have Agreed to be Teaching and Demonstration Sites for Master Composters

All of our demonstration sites are available as teaching venues.

Reporting Volunteer Hours

Each intern must report their total completed volunteer hours to the Outreach Coordinator, John Zarola, at, by October 1. Veterans must report their hours by October 15.

You may use our Volunteer Hours Log to report your hours. Your report should include the following information:

  • Name of master composter volunteer

  • Date and location of each service event

  • Topic(s) taught for each event (if it is a teaching event)

  • Total number of volunteer hours to be credited


Also see Standing Rules (Article X) in our Bylaws for volunteer requirements, deadlines, etc.

Reporting Attendance for Classes You Teach or Events You Participate In


When you teach a community composting class or participate in a composting event (e.g. information table), please print and fill in the Attendance Sheet Form and send to John Zarola, outreach coordinator. You can send a scanned copy via email to, or send the original via US mail. Please send John an email if you need his postal address.

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