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Volunteer Hours

Please use the Log of Volunteer Hours form to track and submit your hours.

Report your hours for our year which runs from October 1 to September 30. Submit their hours to John Zarola by  October 15.  He will then submit a report of all hours to the Bernalillo County Extension Service.

You have a choice of two ways to access and use the form:

  • Google Drive spreadsheet complete with formulas and formatting. You'll need to make a copy to your own Google account.

  • PDF hard copy that you can print and fill in with pencil or pen. You'll have to do the arithmetic yourself.


At the end of the volunteer year, please mail the form to John Zarola at


If you encounter problems or have suggestions for how this form can be improved, please send email to

Master Composters at compost information table.

Photo courtesy of Joann McEntire

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