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Where to Get Earthworms


April 21, 2014

Where would I find earthworms to buy in order to introduce them into the soil of my raised garden beds? I do not want red wigglers for composting but earthworms to help with aeration and soil health in my garden beds. I live in Pecos, NM and the soil here is very rocky (I live at 8,000 feet) so we bought organic topsoil mix to put into the 4′ x 8′ raised beds (2 of these). We would like to put some earthworms in the soil before planting and don’t know where to find them in bulk quantities.


Answer by PB: When I put my raised beds in seven years ago, I went to a bait shop and purchased night crawlers. I probably populated my 25′ L x 8′ W x 2.5′ H bed with only a few hundred and they have multiplied nicely over the years. What a joy to turn the soil each year and see how well they are doing.

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