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Three-Bin System


August 6, 2023

I'm looking for someone to help me establish a manure composting structure on my property in Peralta. I'm hoping someone in your organization could help me design and build a 3 bin system.


Answer by WR: We have some instructions on our website for building a three-bin system here:  Several people in our organization have experience building this system and could answer questions you might have.   I am forwarding your message to our Compost Questions group.  Someone in that group might respond directly to this and, if you have any specific questions about it, you can send email to  You can also respond (group reply) to this email with any questions. It sounds like a great project!

Answer by JZ: Great to hear about your project. Other colleagues in addition to me and WR may respond to your question. We are a group of educators and consultants, but we are not a hands-on workforce.

I have had recent success with raised bed blocks for my large compost bin. It could have as many compartments of any size /dimension as you wish.  Raised bed blocks are available at the the big box stores, etc.

Another method would be to construct the compartments from pallets, wired together, then held in place with steel fence posts.

Lining the inside of this type of bin with a tarp or pond liner would decrease evaporation.  See videos on

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