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Roach Infestation


January 31, 2019

When I trash can composted in Rio Rancho for years I had no roaches only red and earthworms. I now live up in Abq. and the entire neighborhood ground is infested with roaches. I am reluctant to compost for concern of providing a nutritious breeding ground for the 3 varieties that I am fighting. How are people avoiding the problem?


Answer by JZ: Some ideas for you:

1. Consider pit or trench composting directly in the soil.  Bury all the organic additions 12-18” deep.

2. Consider Bokashi bucket composting.  Bucket contents are eventually buried in soil, as above. The bucket is a closed system - no insects get in.

3. Appropriately buried organics do not seem to attract roaches.

4. Consider an indoor worm bin setup. Screen over any holes in the bin.

5. For an outdoor plastic compost bin:

a. You may underline the bin with 1/4” hardware cloth, wrap the cloth up from the bottom, up along the outer edge/sides of the bin. Then secure it snugly around the bin.

b. Cover over any holes in the bin with window screen. You may do the same for a trash can bin

6. Consider a metal-leg-elevated tumbler bin - difficult for insects / mice to crawl up the metal legs into the bin.

If I think of more stuff, then I’ll get back to you.

Hope that this is helpful.   Get back to me with questions.    Best.

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