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Red Wigglers and Rabbit Poop


November 22, 2022

A neighbor offered her rabbit poop for my worm bin. The poop comes with rabbit bedding and food mixed in with the poop. I think the food is alfalfa. I leave it outside and spray it down with water for a week or two in hope of removing salts, then mix it with dead leaves, and use it as needed to cover kitchen scraps or start a new layer on the worm bin. I have red wigglers in my bin, but lately noticed a few random earthworms which are not red wigglers. I’m assuming they got into the rabbit poop outside and I didn’t notice. I’m always worried that perhaps I didn’t get all the salts of the rabbit poop (just one prolific rabbit) but so far, my worms seem to love the stuff. If earthworms are in it, is that an indication it’s safe for my red wigglers? Also, will the random earthworm harm my bin of red wigglers in any way? I take any earthworm I see to the garden but am concerned I’ve overlooked some since I wasn’t looking for them. Thank you!


Answer by JZ: Hello Brandy, Others may also reply. Here are my thoughts. Great to hear about your experience with red wigglers. You seem quite knowledgeable. A variety of earth worm species may co-exist in any well amended moist soil sample along with a variety of fungi, microorganisms and insects. So then as far as I’m aware another species of earthworm in your bin is probably not a problem. Continue to monitor the situation. My sense is that all will be OK.

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