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Mold on My Kitchen Scraps


August 2, 2022

Dear folks, I have a question about a mold or fungus that now appears quickly in the kitchen scraps I am saving for my composting bin.   It constantly returns in the can and I think because of its frothy powdery appearance I am concerned about it as possibly even unhealthy to have in my house.  I have attached a picture.  Can you tell me if you know that I might be overreacting and that it's common and not dangerous or are my concerns reasonable.  Cleaning out the container for scraps doesn't seem to stop it from reappearing. Thank you very much for your time,


Answer by JZ: Your question will be received by other master composter colleagues who may also respond. Here are my thoughts: Some people may be allergic to mold (which is a fungus) spores which may become airborne in the environment. So putting a lid on your container would be useful.

Suggest that you empty the container more frequently so that the fungus does not have a chance to grow. Yes, continue to wash the empty container with soapy water. Then you might also wet a paper towel with full strength vinegar, then swab around the inside of the container, then allow it to dry out before adding scraps.

The fungus is a decomposing organism, so there is no problem adding container contents to your compost bin.

Recent seasonal warm / humid conditions may be helping the growth of mold in your container.

Hope that this is useful.    Best.

From original questioner: Thank you, a very workable answer right off the bat.

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