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Getting Started Composting. Do You Recommend a Tumbler Bin?


July 22, 2022

I am interested in setting up a small composting operation on our tiny home lot in ABQ.  We are 3 people living in a small house in area code 87113.  My main purpose in starting a compost bin is to help the environment by not putting food waste into our garbage.  Obtaining soil for my garden would be nice but is secondary.   I am also looking for a relatively easy system to maintain.   I have never composted in the desert before.  I believe the tumbler composter might be one of the easiest to operate (I expect to add small amounts of food scraps daily).   

 If you agree that a tumbler bin would be a good choice for me, do you have any recommendations for a type or make of tumbler composter?  Alternatively, if a tumbler system is not recommended, do you have any other recommendations for a relatively easy composting system that would meet my purposes described above?

Thank you for any advice that you might have.


Answer by JZ: It’s great to hear about your motivations to begin home composting. A tumbler bin is a useful choice of containers for occasional additions of organic materials. I would encourage you to read our webpage, Using Composter Tumbler Bins in the Dessert.

You may shop online for a variety of tumbler bins.  If you select a bin that suits you, then go to, put in the bin model which you like.  If you order online, then you will have to assemble the bin when it arrives.  There may be a video which shows how to assemble the bin which you have chosen.

As you are new to desert composting, I’ll suggest that you read these webpages:

NMSU: Bernalillo County Master Composters: Desert Composting Recommendations.

Also might be useful if you would register for one of our basic classes.

Hope that this is helpful.    Best.

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