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Do I Need Holes in My Tumbler Bin?


April 4, 2019

I took a Tumbler composting class and was told that the composter should have some holes.  I have a LifeTime tumbler composter and it does not have any holes.  Do I need to make some holes?


Answer by JZ:  Other colleagues may respond to your question. The life time tumbler series has a perforated pipe thru the center which allows for air inside the bin. Place the bin in the set upright position, then add a gallon of water.  Wherever the water flows out. Those are  your drain holes.  All is OK…. compost on.  You do not have to add any more holes. Let us know if you have questions.     Best.

Answer by JH:  It is necessary to have drainage at the bottom of your tumbler so that there won’t be standing water that will putrify. But here in the desert you don’t want holes in the tumbler that will allow the contents to dry out. Provided your tumbler allows for drainage it is good that your tumbler does not have holes. You may need to experiment as you compost to determine the best mix of compostables and added moisture to avoid overly moist or overly dry conditions.

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