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Composting Meat and Dairy


November 10, 2019

How does meat and dairy get composted?


Answer by JZ: Other colleagues may also answer your question.  Here are my thoughts. Animal products including dairy, meat and vegetarian animal manures are all organic, so they will  ecompose in a composting setup. They do not interfere with the decomposition process. Note that both are often included on "do not add" lists,  mostly because they may have (temporary) odors which might attract scavengers (animals) to the setup. The choice to add these products is up to the individual home composter.

So meat, dairy and manures may be added to a setup in the same manner as other organics.  Chop, cut, shred any organics before adding to setup. Add coarse bulking material as you build, then maintain 50% moisture at all times - similar to the moisture content of freshly brewed coffee grounds.

Alternatively meat and dairy products may be added to a Bokashi bucket - closed setup.  See Bokashi under Composting Info in our website menu.

Hope that this is helpful.  Let us know if you have further questions.  Best.

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