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Composting in Elementary School


October 14, 2019

Hi, I'm a third grade teacher and would like to get a compost started at my school.  I have two questions.

1. Are you familiar with, and do you recomend, bokashi style anaerobic composting?  My class gets free breakfast and generates a lot of cheese/fatty food waste.

2. Are you familiar with any programs to get composters, tumblers or other, into schools?



Answer by JZ: Other colleagues may also respond to your question.  Here are my thoughts.

It is fine that you wish to share composting information with students.  From your description of leftovers, I’d say that  Bokashi bucket composting would be a useful choice for your situation. You may use any size bucket with a lid.  Bokashi mix is available on line or you could make some with students.

You  may enjoy our webpage about Bokashi, found under Composting Info on our website menu.

We often offer free bokashi classes.  See Classes under Activities on our website. You, students and staff are welcome to attend any of our classes.

For The second stage of the Bokashi process, the fermented material in the bucket would be turned into your garden soil, so you eventually have to select a soil spot on school property where you could dump.

#2. Have no specific recommendations about this.  You might try the group:  School Gardens — Albuquerque Public Schools

Hope that this is helpful.  Get back to us with any questions.   All the best.   Keep up.

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