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Composting Disposable Diapers


May 29, 2019

We use a type of disposable diaper that claims it’s compostable, but only in a commercial facility. Do you have any insight into where such things could be taken in ABQ? Thanks!


Answer by JZ: You might contact Walter Dods at Soilutions in So.Valley with your question: He might be able to take the diapers.  Other colleagues may also respond to your question.  Hope that this is helpful.

From original questioner: I did talk with Walter at Soilutions, thanks for the suggestion.  They are unable to take compostable diapers, not because they don’t compost well (he says they do) but that state regulations prohibit them from taking human waste. Thanks again for the tip though, and if anyone else has any suggestions I’d appreciate them!

Answer by JZ:  Great.  If you wanted to set up your own hot composting operation, then you might be able to add them  in your backyard. A well managed hot process will destroy pathogens. See “ hot composting” description  in our composting in the desert brochure.  You can find via our website menu under Composting Info/Desert Composting.

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