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Composting Bio-bags: Do They Decompose?


December 19, 2020

I live in ABQ, 87110 and am getting green bio-bags from the coop to put my veggies and fruit in when I purchase. It says they are certified compostable. Has anyone tried it? I am a mostly one person household and only harvest about 2 x a year.


Answer by J Z: I have not yet added bio bags to my composting setup, so I do not have experience with them. I did have a friend who put a tied up bag of kitchen scrap in a biobag in her bin. She did not empty the bag just left it tied up. Then the contents went anaerobic (low oxygen) became smelly. So my suggestion would be to empty the contents of the bag in your bin then tear up the bag itself, then add to your setup.  From time to time notice how the bag biodegrades in the bin, then you’ll have an answer to your question.   You might also contact the bag manufacturer for their suggestions.

Hope that this is helpful.

Answer by JH: Not knowing the brand of your bags, it is hard to say how easily they will break down. Generally speaking these bags are typically made of potato or corn starch and should break down rather easily, though depending on the exact compost operation, perhaps not quickly. Give ’em a try and let us know of your experience.

Answer by WR: I tried composting some biobags that came with a countertop compost container. (Emptied of their contents.)  It seemed to take a long time for them to break down in my cold composting setup.  I wonder if it would help to cut them up and then soak them in hot or boiling water before putting into the compost?  I don’t have any anymore. Would be curious to know what happens to them in boiling water.

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