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Can I Compost My Pine Needles?


October 27, 2014

I have a huge Deodar cedar tree in my back yard. I'm using the pine cones from that tree for bulking material in my two compost bins (the above ground cylinder shaped compost bins, which are a pain, by the way).  Is it a good idea to use the needles from that tree as well. I have lots and lots of them.


Answer by JZ: Here is my opinion. Other colleagues may respond to your question. Pine needles/ cones / tree parts are all organic material and so will decompose in the proper environment.  Some needles have a waxy coating which challenges the microorganisms - so they take some time to decompose.  As they are slow, then they may also serve as a bulking material in your operation. Either way you win!

Answer by JH: Also Paula, if you are interested in learning more about other composting methods that might be more to your liking, check out the Composting Handouts and Classes menu items on our website.

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