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Are All Species of Worms Allowed?


March 29, 2019

Are there any species of worms frowned upon or not allowed to be used in our area? 87112

I intend to establish trench type composting using Red Wiggler or similar worms. Would like also to introduce "diver" or "mineral feeder" type to existing beds.  Night crawlers. Is this permissible? Thank you.


Answer by JZ: Other colleagues may also respond to your question.

I do not know of a worm species which is not allowed here. More research may be necessary on your part.

In general our unamended desert soil, often low in moisture and organic matter would not support many / any earthworm species, so it would be difficult for them, if introduced, to become invasive. I have no experience with night crawlers.  I think that if introduced that they would stay where they are put if conditions are suitable.

Red wigglers would be a fine addition to trench composting. The area should be kept 50% moist, similar to the residual moisture in brewed coffee grounds, then covered with at least 3” of organic mulch - shredded leaves, straw, pine needle straw, paper or cardboard to maintain moisture in the soil.

Avoid compacting this area - avoid stepping on it. In the winter months you could cover the area with a tarp to maintain moisture. There are a few containment options for maintaining red wigglers outdoors in central NM.   One is a container in the soil.  See Homemade Bins under Composting Info in our website menu.

Hope that this is helpful.

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