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Program Objectives

A composting basics classroom

Photo courtesy of Zane Donner

Educational Objectives


To educate expert teachers of home composting by using various training methods, to provide the student with:

  • An understanding of the home composting role in the larger context of waste management in Bernalillo County.

  • The basics of composting science and microbiology.

  • A consideration of health and safety issues in the composting process.

  • Experience with the materials, methods, construction and maintenance of various home composting systems.

  • The basics of composting vermiculture.

  • The skills needed for problem solving with various composting methods.

  • The role of municipal and commercial composting facilities.

  • The makeup of local soils and the soil food web.

  • The use of finished compost and compost tea as soil amendments.

  • The skills necessary for community outreach, in the form of classes, lectures, presentations, workshops and demonstrations.

Organizational Objectives


To encourage continuation of the program by:

  • Fostering the desire of students to become instructors for future training programs.

  • Encouraging the formation of a group structure for Master Composters.

  • Fostering leadership in the student group so that the program might be spread to contiguous counties and pueblos.

  • Fostering continued collaboration with the Bernalillo County Extension Service, contiguous counties and Pueblos, the Albuquerque Area Master Gardeners, Bernalillo County, the City of Albuquerque, the New Mexico Recycling Coalition, the New Mexico Environment Department-Solid Waste Bureau, the New Mexico Organic Recycling Organization, New Mexico Clean and Beautiful / Keep America Beautiful, the Open Space Visitors Center and other supportive groups.

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