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Where to Purchase Compost


February 16, 2018

Hello, I am interested in purchasing some organic compost. I am a gardener but had to sell my property last year. I am now in a tiny condo with no yard. In the past I had room, a good back, and great soil I had built up. I was put on disability for a bad back. Two strikes against me. Is there someone or somewhere that I can purchase compost? I need to find some complete organic compost. I can only find straight animal manure compost. I need something that has all the nutrients.  With spring just around the corner I need to get going.  I start my seeds indoors.

Thank you very much.


Answer by JH: So sorry to hear about your difficulties but good for you maintaining your gardening hobby. I suggest you contact local nurseries or Soilutions to determine who has the best organic compost at best price. I would also caution you to check the compost prior to use to make sure it is finished. Some commercial compost is still very hot and must be left to cure until it cools down and loses it’s manure-like odor.

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