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Where to Get Soil Tested and Soil PH After Putting Down Pine Needles


August 9, 2015

I am preparing my yard to re-do my landscaping. I started out wanting to create a barrier between my neighbors yard which is full of weeds that spread to mine a couple years ago to the point I jus gave up. I started to prep to just put in rock and crusher fines... yet I saw that it would not accomplish the desired affect.... my neighbors weeds would still migrate into my yard.... I decided recently to put in some revellie sod (special drought tolerant grass developed by UT) .... many of my neighbors have rock all over the place and have built block walls etc... it generates a lot of heat.... and I have full sun in front and back...

Anyway I wanted to get my soil tested to insure I prep the ground before laying the sod... the neighbors’ lot has a huge evergreen tree right along the property line ....  it has lots of roots extending into my yard just below the surface....

I was planning to use evergreen needles to create a “margin” to hopefully keep the weeds in check from migrating to my yard as they did a few years ago and wiped me out... I plan to plant 3-4 lavendar plants and to use the needles to keep the weeds at bay.

Do you know who does soil testing locally in Albuquerque? Also, will the needles change the soil so much that the lavendar plants will be harmed and not flourish?


Answer by JH: You may get more detailed responses from the Bernco Extension Office Master Gardener Hotline regarding lavender and pine needles but the short answer is that the soil pH of Albuquerque is perfect for lavender. Pine needles raise the acid level and as such are not the best for lavender but they are unlikely to kill it.

And regarding soil testing, I don't know of any lab in Albuquerque but attached is a list provided by NMSU.

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