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Where to Get Compost Made from Manure


January 26, 2018

I am wondering if you know of anyone in and around Albuquerque who composts manuare for use in yards?  I’m hoping to get some for my grass.  I’m hoping to learn how to compost yard waste too. Thank you


Answer by JZ: The ABCWUA soil amendment facility on far west mesa uses some manures in their composting pile mixes. You could contact the facility for more info. . You may purchase

finished compost at the facility:  Compost

The Sandoval Co. Composting facility in Rio Rancho adds manures to their composting batches. You may purchase bulk finished compost at the facility - scroll all the way down for info: Solid Waste - Sandoval County

You are welcome to attend any of our free composting basics classes.

I am not sure that Soilutions in the ABQ south valley uses manures, you could

call and ask them.

Does that answer your question?     Best.

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