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Where to Find Bulking Material


April 18, 2017

My wife and I attended a beginners composting class with Mr. Zarola recently. We do not have much bulking material available in our back yard. can we use cardboard as bulking material?


Answer by JZ: Cardboard would serve as bulking material only for a short time.  As it decomposes it get smaller, then loses its ability to bulk.

Bulking material: sticks, twigs, pine cones, pine needles are readily available.

Try going to your local park with a bag - then gather material and / or when you are walking in
your neighborhood. If all that does not work, then buy a bag of small wood chips. Once you get bulking material into your composting operation - that same material will last a few years.  You will recycle it as you continue your operation.  Let me know if you have questions.  Keep up !

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