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Where to Compost K-Cups


April 6, 2023

Where in the Albuquerque area can I take commercial composting? I need to direct some compostable KCups that are used in my office. Thanks!


Answer by WR: Hi Sara, thanks for contacting us via our website.  I'm going to forward this on to our email address and one or more others might also answer your question, copied below. It's great that you want to divert the KCups from the landfill. Currently, we do not know of any community composting facility which would take organic leftovers and other compostable materials from the public, except, see below.

That may change in the near future.  The NM Compost Coalition of the NM Healthy Soils group submitted a grant proposal for a few community composting sites in NM.  Also, people from CABQ, ABQ schools, are currently working on an EPA grant on food waste reduction and compost recycling. But here are some things that might help you right now:

a. Contact your local / nearby community garden as it might have a composting setup.

b. Contact Brad Weikle’s service:  Home | Little Green Bucket

c. Contact your city counsellors and let them know that you would like community composting in the future.

d. Perhaps you have a friend or neighbor who composts and would like to take the KCups and add them to their composting setup?  (You might try posting to Craigslist or Nextdoor?)

Good luck finding an earthy home for these compostables.

Answer by JZ:  Agree with all that WR has told you.  My only question is are the K-cups which you are using biodegradable/compostable? Apparently some are and some are not.  Here’s a page from amazon: Biodegradeable K-cups

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