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Three-Bin Compost System


March 24, 2020

My husband and I are looking to build the New Zealand Box Style Three-Bin system in our backyard for composting. We first saw this when we were taking the Master Gardeners class in Spring of 2019. I found the link on your website, but I was wondering if you happen to have a building design and materials list by change? Thanks so much!


Answer by JZ: A few master composters will also receive your question.  So you may get other responses.  Here are my thoughts. You have a fine idea as this is a fine setup for any composting process. To the best of my knowledge we do do not have a building design nor a materials list for a New Zealand Box. A search revealed this website: How to Build A New Zealand Compost Bin My only caveat is that the pictured finished bin is too porous for the high desert. The lateral slats should fit snugly together, no gaps in the sidewalls. In due time, you could check the NZB at the north east end of the parking lot at the BernCo. Extension Office. Hope that this is helpful.   Best.

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