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Straw for Bedding in Worm Bin


April 27, 2016

I was reading that straw is OK to use for bedding in a worm bin, but that it needed to be chopped and soaked. Do you all agree that straw is OK and if so, just how chopped should it be? Thanks


Answer by JH: I am not currently a vermicomposter but I do put a lot of straw in my compost pile and the worms seem to appreciate it. So I just did a google search and I see lots of information about how to use straw in vermicomposting. One point - straw is difficult to saturate so the problem would be keeping it at an acceptable moisture level. I don't know that chopping is necessary but in my experience by the time my chickens get through with their bedding straw and it goes to the compost pile, it's in varying lengths up to 10 inches.

The short answer then is yes, straw can be used in vermicomposting. For additional insight, you can await other responses, check out a google search for "using straw in vermicomposting", and/or go ahead and conduct your own experiment and adjust your recipe based on how your worms react.

Answer by JZ: Here is my response.  Straw is organic, it will decompose, so yes it could be used as bedding for composting worms. Chop to 1/2 - 1”, then soak in water, ’till its soft. Squeeze out the water, so that the straw no longer drips, then spread out in worm bin. You may also use, mix with straw- shredded leaves & newspaperk, moisturized just like the straw.

Hope this is helpful.   Let us know if we can be of further help to you

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