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Standing Composter Bin


December 14, 2021

Zip code 87110.  Hello! We recently completed the basic composting class and are interested in purchasing a standing composter bin. We’ve been looking online and all the ones we’ve found either have too many holes, or, the reviews say that rodents rip open the air vents, or the material is flimsily and falls apart after months in the sun. We were curious as to what tower composters y’all would recommend for our area.  Thank you!


Answer by JZ: Great to hear that you are going to be home composting.  Your question will be received by other colleagues who may also reply. A tower bin is a fine choice.  I usually do not recommend a specific bin, but I’ll share some comments. If you were to make a bin from a plastic trash can, then you could choose the gallon size which works for you and get that started while you are seeking a manufactured bin. See Homemade Bins under Composting Info in our main menu. You decide how many holes to drill as in the pics.  This bin would not have a harvesting door, so you would scoop out the finished compost at the bottom with a hand tool or dump the contents on a tarp, reserve the fished compost, then put back in the bin what is not yet decomposed, then continue the process.  This set up works well for me.

A standing plastic manufactured composter bin, called a tower bin, may have too many holes, allowing for too much evaporation. A bin which has too many holes may “fixed” so that it is less porous by simply tapeing over the holes with a quality duct tape or plugging them with caulk.

I have experience with the Tumbleweed 240 L ( may be viewed on  It is a very snug bin.  There are only air spaces on the sliding door at the bottom.  The plastic is fairly durable. Very easy to assemble.  There are cracks where the sides (3 pieces) are bolted together, which I taped closed.   Works well for me.  See first photo attached.

Any bin in our area should be in the shade in the summer months.  If you have no shade then you may drape the entire bin with two layers of shade fabric, held in place with a brick OR you could cover with appropriately cut pieces of cardboard.

You might also consider a tumbler bin, they are usually quite snug. Some are elevated and have wheels, so they are movable.

I have some experience with the Lifetime compost tumbler.  It’s snug, sturdy, elevated and movable. See second photo attached.

Hope that this info. is helpful.  Get back if you have further questions. Best. Compost on. Oh yes, also see Tumbler Bins under Composting Info in our menu.

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