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Persistent Herbicides in Hay Bales


March 26, 2018

I'm planning on making a hay composting bin, i'm very concerned about persistent herbicides. Do any of you know of clean supplier or organic supplier of hay in the area?


Answer by JZ: Other of my colleagues may also respond.  Interesting question. Specifically I do not know the answer to your question. Some thoughts. If, the bales you used were to contain residual persistent broadleaf herbicide, then only the edges of your feedstock pile would be in contact with the bales.  So one might line the inner aspect of the bin, perhaps with a tarp or fish pond liner, then any herbicide would not come into contact with the feedstock. Theoretically after about 2 years the herbicide in a bale product should be biodegraded, so if you could find some old bales, that might be useful to get you started.  This is an irritating problem! If you find any new info. please do share it with us.

You might also contact the BernCo. Extension Ag. agent with the same question. 

Also see Persistent Herbicides.

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