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New Zealand Box Style Three-Bin System


May 23, 2018

Please email me construction instructions for the New Zealand Box
Style Three-Bin System.


Answer by JZ: This site might get you started.  If you live in the desert, then do not leave spaces between the boards as then you will get too much evaporation from the bin.

How to build a new zealand box compost bin

new zealand box composting construction plans - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results

If you would like to see a NZ box composting setup, then you are welcome to visit the demo. garden at the BernCo. Extension office, northeast end of parking lot.  Open 9-4:30PM weekdays:

1510 Menaul Blvd., NW, ABQ 87107. Best.

Response from Questioner: Would it allow too little oxygen if I used plywood for the back and

left and right sides?

Answer by JZ: You could use plywood on 3 sides.  Convective air flow is established in a desert bin by using coarse bulking as you build a pile.   See the diagram in our brochure.

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