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My Aerobin 400 is a Nightmare!


May 3, 2022

This bin was an experiment gone bad. Lined the bottom with hardy cuttings from one of my xeriscape grasses. They never decomposed. I have used pine pellets and dry leaves in between the organic greens but my bin is supposed to be impenetrable to pests. It is not. So, I have tried using diatomaceous earth around the bin and inside it too. I also used pet friendly pesticides and it is out of control. This batch of debris is useless and was a waste of time and energy. Any suggestions on how to kill the pests and dispose of the contents?

I would rather get a tumbler type or take my organic material to and just use my garbage disposal for small biological batches of food waste to then be composted by the Albuq. Wastewater Department. I hope we will eventually have the organic recycling bins like other cities.

Thanks for any advice.


Answer by JZ: Your email will be received by a few of my colleagues who may also respond.

Here are my thoughts. I will assume that you live in the high desert as you did not send your zip code.

My sense is that you have not attended one of our basic composting classes, nor read our brochure on desert composting ?  Please see Classes under Activities in our website menu.  And see Desert Composting under Composting Info in the menu.

Your main issue seems to be insects in the bin. Insects are decomposers of organic material

so they are part of the natural decomposition process.  They will enter any bin except the Bokashi

bucket which is totally closed (see Bokashi under Composting Info).

I have not used an Aerobic 400. From the pictures I’d say that it a appears to be a snug bin

useful for desert composting.   A common issue in the desert is that sufficient moisture is not

maintained in the bin, which slows the decomposition process. Required moisture (50%) at all times

in a bin may be compared to the residual moisture in brewed coffee grounds - saturated, but not dripping.

Alternatively you could bury your organic leftovers as in trench / pit composting, buried 18” deep in

the soil insects will not be visible.

If you are considering a tumbler you might read about Tumbler Bins under Composting Info in our menu.

Organic recycling by municipalities is a fine idea, which takes political will: call / write your city counsellor and discuss the topic.

There is an organic leftover collection business in ABQ:  Home | Little Green Bucket

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