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Making Compost from Alpaca Poo


July 27, 2014

I have a small herd of Alpacas and would like to make a compost product out of their POO. I would like to talk to someone about: (1) The feasibility of marketing and selling composted Alpaca POO (what is the economic value of the compost). (2) Whether a 6 cu-yd dumpster would be a suitable container for making compost, if earthworms are used to break down the POO and if other ingredients like soil and leaves, etc. should be added to the compost mix to support the breakdown of the organic matter in the poo. We would welcome a visit to see if we are going about this in the right way.


Answer by JZ: 

1. You have an excellent idea!
2. Selling / marketing compost would take some research with the Solid Waste Division of NM Environmental Department. You need to check with them what the requirements would be. You may be able to sell an end product as a soil amendment, but not use the word “compost”? A contact in the department would be Tim Gray:, 505.827.0129
3. You would most likely want to do a hot composting method which is described here: Scroll all the way down.
4. The Corrales village composting facility at the Rec. center on Jones Rd. may be a good place to visit to understand the hot composting process on a large scale. Also you could visit us at the Seed 2 Need garden composting operation (straw bale bins) on Manierre Rd., Corrales.
5. Composting worms may be added to any “cold” composting operation. They might not fare well in temps of 100 – 150F, which would occur in a hot pile. Worm composting could be done separately, then the worms and the worm castings could be sold as a “cash” crop!
6. I could stop by your place to discuss your needs. Just let me know a convenient day / time, then we’ll set it up.

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