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Large-Scale Vermicomposting


June 9, 2021

Do you know any folks doing large-scale vermicomposting in the area? I recently started volunteering at Reunity Resources in Santa Fe, and they are trying to step-up their vermicompost production. This is something I’m very interested in supporting, and would love any thoughts you have on where I might visit/learn more about large-scale vermicomposting.


Answer by JZ: Vermicomposting is great !  Management of worms in a large scale setup is quite similar to small scale. Large scale vermicomposting could take place in a straw bale bin of any size. As you are in Santa Fe, the straw bales would provide insulation during winter months. Another alternative would be a wood 12” deep raised bed which is sunk a few inches into the soil and then well mulched after the red worms are added. 

Years ago there was a restaurant on 4th. St., ABQ  (Los Ranchos) which had a large scale outdoor setup similar to the described raised bed. It might be Casa Benavidez or El Pinto.   Sorry just don’t remember which one. 

In either case moisture must be maintained at about 50%, similar to the residual moisture in freshly brewed coffee grounds.

There are various methods of harvesting from a large scale setups.   You could search that on web. 

Great idea. Compost on! An excellent text for you: “The Worm Farmer’s Handbook” 2018 by Rhonda Sherman ( Amazon has it). Your AnswerPublicOnly Me & Admin


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