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Is Stale Bread a Brown or a Green? Can I Compost Egg Shells?


November 5, 2017

I attended a lecture in Rio Rancho, The presenter was JZ. It was excellent. I have a couple of questions;

1. Can stale bread be put in with nitrogen materials?

2. Should I clean out egg shells before crushing them?


Answer by JZ: I will do my best to answer your questions.  Other colleagues may send their opinions too.

* Stale bread might be considered a brown as the nitrogen has probably vaporized.  So, yes it is compostable. The only caveat may be that the scent of the bread may attract predators. This may be obviated by, as you suggested, mixing the stale bread with other organics  to dilute the scent.

* Personally I do not feel that washing / rinsing egg shells is necessary. I dry them for a few days, then they crush very easily.  Then sprinkle them in my setup and my worm bins.

This article from MSU extension presents some common sense about egg shells for composting hopefully it will be useful:    Adding egg shells to compost | MSU Extension

Hope that this is helpful.

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