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I'm Tired of Turning My Pile. Suggestions for a Tumbler Bin?


November 12, 2023

I've been composting for years. I had a multi section compost bin and I just had some work done in my backyard and I need to get a new setup. I hate turning the piles and I tend to put it off. I want to get a tumbler type, but not sure which one to get in our climate. There are just a couple of us in my house but I cook a lot, I'm a vegetarian, and compost everything we can. I know the rules of what to and not to put in the pile. Any suggestions for a tumbler? I do have an Amazon account.


Answer by WR: I think you will find some helpful information on our "Tumbler Bins" page, written by people in our organization, at

I am going to copy this to our compost questions email list and there's a good chance you'll hear from others as well. Feel free to ask more questions.  It's great to know that you will be composting.

Answer by JZ:  Great to hear that you are composting. I do not personally have a specific tumbler recommendation. I am not aware of any tumbler specific for the desert. Any desert composting bin should be in the shade in the summer months to decrease evaporation of moisture. If you have no shade, then cover the bin with 2 layers of shade fabric or cardboard. Note that some, tumblers if purchased as a kit are a challenge to assemble. If you have a model in mind then go to, put in the model #, as there may be assembly instructions available.

Suggestions for the use and purchase of a tumbler bin are on our webpage:

Tumbler Bins | Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters | New Mexico

* In nature decomposing organic material is not “turned”. There is a completely valid, straightforward, reliable method of composting which is managed statically, that is no turning is required as long as bulking material is added regularly which will impact convective air flow and moisture maintained at 50% in all seasons.  Static composting may be done in a tower or tumbler bin. Convective Air Flow | Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters | New Mexico Yes, you may use any composting container statically as long as you add bulking

material and maintain 50% moisture in all seasons.

You might enjoy refreshing your knowledge at one of our basic classes:

Classes | Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters | New Mexico

Hope that this is helpful.

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