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I'd Like to Donate My Grass Clippings


August 2, 2022

Just wondering if there is anyone who would like free grass clippings or if there is a place to donate them?


Answer by JZ: Great to hear of your generosity. You did not mention your zip code, so I can’t make a specific location suggestion. Some of my suggestions:

Seek the nearest community garden in your area, they often have a composting setup

or might use the clippings as a garden mulch. 

Add them to your own composting setup.

Guide to Albuquerque's Community Gardens

Let us know if you have questions.

Answer by MR: One other concern that some folks might have is whether the grass has been treated with any kind of selective herbicide. The residual effects of those toxins are often not broken down in the initial composting process, and I'm sure you wouldn't want your generosity to inadvertently cause any harm in someone's garden. Thank you for your offer.

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