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How to Line Bin


May 26, 2020

Zipcode 87114. Homemade 6feet x 4feet wooden pallet frame “bin”, lined and covered with old plastic tarp/sheet. After taking a class from you guys last year, we made this and this set up works great! However the plastic is breaking down and our compost is getting dry. I don’t love buying or using plastic that breaks down easily.  Is there another material that will work better? Not break down so easily? Thanks!


Answer by JZ: Other master composters may also respond to your question. Great to hear that you are having success with your composting efforts. In the next few months as the temp. rises you’ll probably be adding water to your setup to maintain an appropriate moisture level.

Hopefully your bin will be in the shade, if not, you may cover the whole thing with two layers of shade fabric or cardboard.

A bin liner may be a heavy duty tarp or pond liner cut to fit.  Cardboard liners may also be useful.

Plastics do breakdown easily in the high desert.  You may cover your pile top with 4” of dry leaves, a heavy duty tarp, old rug, piece of pond liner or a piece of cardboard cut to fit on top. Any cover will need to be moved when you add organics to your bin, then repositioned.

Hope that this is helpful.   Keep up.    Best.

Answer by RR: For years I lined my wire compost frame with cardboard, and it works fine.  If you don’t have any sheets of cardboard big enough, I’ve gone to a recycling dumpster I know about and found whatever I needed. Happy composting.

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