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How Much Compost to Use for Fruit Tree?


September 19, 2019

I'm transplanting a peach tree. I have stearman fertilizer mushroom compost and topsoil. What ratio to mushroom compost to topsoil and fertilizer should I use? A response ASAP would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very kindly.


Answer by JH: I am unsure what "fertilizer compost" is. The NPK value of compost is reportedly 1-1-1. Current soil science suggests that soil with 3% organic matter is optimum for plant growth.   Additionally you could use compost as mulch around the base of the tree. Be aware that you should not fertilize the tree for 2-3 years - this allows the roots to become established prior to encouraging leaf growth.

Additionally, peach trees blossom early. They will begin to bud when they have amassed the required number of chill hours which vary by species. It is important to select the proper microclimate in your yard that will best support the tree from blooming too early which places it at greater risk of a late freeze. A temperature at or below 1 degree can kill most buds on the tree and as much as 90 percent of blossoms can be killed at a temperature of 25 degrees.

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