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Does It Help to Put Bokashi Bran in the Compost Pile?


January 24, 2018

Would you be able to sprinkle the bran into the regular composter to speed things up?


Answer by WR: I don't think it would work to add the bran to regular compost because Bokashi is an anaerobic compost -- the Bokashi can is tightly sealed to keep out oxygen whereas a regular compost is an aerobic process -- oxygen is critical. There's no need to add any starter to a regular compost pile. If you have a good mixture of fresh and dry materials ("greens and browns") in your compost and keep the pile slightly moist and turn it occasionally to introduce oxygen, your compost should breakdown well without bad smells, etc. If the pile is at least 3 ft by 3 ft, it will probably heat up some which will speed up the process but, if it doesn't heat up, not to worry, it will eventual decompose anyway. I hope this helps.

Oh, one more thing. The fermented Bokashi itself can be added to your regular compost heap in lieu of burying it in the garden. It's a great source of fresh "green" matter for your regular heap. But this would be different than putting the inoculated bran itself into the pile.

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