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Composting Feathers


December 17, 2023

Question asked by a Master Composter (RR): We advertise feathers as a green compostable. Has anyone ever actually used them in building compost? Or is it one of those things like compostable utensils that only break down in industrial compost settings? I'm doing some house cleaning and have some OLD feather pillows that were never comfortable and even worse now. Any experience out there? Thanks.


Answer by JZ: Agree feathers may be added as a nitrogen source and are sold as a bagged product. Though your pillows may now be quite low in nitrogen. Probably be more carbonaceous after years of aging. I do not have a particular experience with them, but if I had some, then I would chop them (if needed) and drop them in my setup.

Answer by JH: The only experience with feathers I have is composting litter from the chicken coop. Pine shavings, poop and feathers - they broke down quickly but there was never a pile of them.

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