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Coffee Grounds Straight to the Garden?


April 17, 2014

Question from a Master Composter WR: Hi guys, I could do some web searching but am interested in what you might say about this. Of course, I compost our coffee grounds (huge amount!). Someone commented on the following article that coffee grounds promote good fungi in the garden if you put them straight into the garden instead of composting them, while the author said not to put straight into garden.  Any thoughts?


Answer by JZ: Thanks for the intellectual callenge.   Some thoughts come to mind.

Put some on garden soil, put some in compost operation, does not have to be all or the other.

Jim Brooks told us that the best thing to do with organic material is to allow it to decompose,
thus forming humus, a stable substance, then use it for our garden soil.

Soil microorganisms and  composting worms benefit from the addition of un-decomposed & decomposing organic material such as coffee, shredded leaves & paper, straw, manures and organic mulches.   These added to the soil (topically) give them something to "munch" on so that they may continue to make humus and recycle plant nutrients.

The one comment on beneficial fungi grabbed my attention, so will continue to research that.

The art of composting is a riot of ideas, which makes this all much fun!

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