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Can I Compost Moldy Food?


November 22, 2016

I am still reeling from the wonderful workshop 10 days ago - it was so informative!

Mold has been on my mind for a long time as it pertains to compost ... Our Teacher JZ taught us mold is NOT good for Bokashi method because it stops the fermenting. Here’s my question …

What about mold on food for Slow Method or Hot Method? Should we just throw it away? Or is it okay to put in compost?

Thanks for being there!


Answer by JH: It's good to know you got so much out of JZ's class. To answer your question (that others may address in greater detail), it is perfectly ok to put moldy food or other organics into the compost pile. The moldy item is just getting a head start!  Best wishes.

Answer by JZ: Agree with JH. Other than in a Bokashi bucket, mold is OK - its a decomposing fungus.

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