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Bokashi Bucket: What Size Holes?


May 30, 2017

What size and how many holes do I need in the bottom of the top bucket for my 2 bucket composting system?


Answer by JZ: Holes in bottom of top bucket:  about 8 dime-size holes. You may always add more holes if necessary. I do not know the size of your bucket so can’t be any more specific.

Note:  be careful about allowing leachate to build up in the bottom bucket. It may become anaerobic then become odiferous.  So empty the bottom bucket regularly - every 3 days or more often.

If you use leachate on soil around plants then dilute each part leachate with at least 10 parts water or more as it is acidic.

Answer by RR: I agree with everything John said...some further advice.  After drilling the holes, you might put a piece of weed barrier material over the bottom so the liquid will leach out, but the contents stay in.  Also, you'll find if you are using Home Depot buckets, they get very difficult to separate because of the vacuum created.  I started just setting my top bucket on the bare ground so the liquid would leach into the ground.  But, as John said, I wouldn't put it next to your favorite plant, because the leachate is very acidic.

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