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Bin for Elementary School Donation


March 15, 2017

I work for _____ and we do an annual day of volunteerism and this year we are working with ______ Elementary.  They have a school garden and we would like to provide a composter and would like to get a recommendation from you as to what is the best one to get, keeping in mind that this is a volunteer program so it would need to be affordable. Any help and expertise would be greatly appreciated.


Answer by JH: Thanks for your question. The most important element of a manufactured bin here in the desert is a design that retains moisture. The type with lots of holes up and down and all around the bin will allow for dehydration and drying of the pile. Some holes at the very bottom are important to create airflow but there shouldn't be any more holes than that.

It should also allow for easy mixing of contents - a tumbler or something that can be rolled or turned is good for this. And it should also allow for easy access to the finished product so you don't have to stand on your head or climb inside to get the finished compost out.

With that said, it is not necessary to use a manufactured bin. Fencing wire or hardware cloth can be used to create a circular bin. When lined with plastic and covered to prevent moisture evaporation, this will work just as well and is much less expensive. Plus it can be adjusted to size or added to as necessary for varying sizes of piles. See our webpage on Homemade Bins.

If you have additional questions, please let us know.

Response by WR: If you do decide to go with a tumbler bin, some information here might help.

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