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February 4, 2020

I live in Albuquerque. I have heard that there is a commercial service in Albuquerque which will bring one a container for compostable materials, pick it up when it is full, and supply a new container to fill up. Since I live in an apartment, I cannot have a compost heap of my own. Do you know anything about this service, or do you know anyone with a compost heap in the NE Heights who would like me to bring them my compost? I composted for 18 years, before I had to move to an apartment. Thank you.


Answer by WR: The service you have probably heard about is Little Green Bucket:

I live near in the "Near NE Heights", near Lomas and Washington. You are welcome to bring me your food scraps.

You might want to consider doing Bokashi composting which is composting in a bucket.  It's a nice odor-free way to keep a bucket of composting organics inside.  It also allows you to compost some foods we don't normally put in compost, such as oily foods. When the bucket is finished, the contents needs to be buried.  You are welcome to bring that to me if you don't have a place to bury it.

We offer classes in Bokashi composting.  See Classes under Activities in our website menu. Also see Bokashi under Composting Info on our website.

Hope you find something that works for you.  Thanks for composting!

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