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What is the NPK of Finished Compost Made from Cattle Manure and Mushroom Waste?


January 29, 2016

I am currently using cattle dung plus mushroom waste to perform composting. Is there a calculator that estimates how much NPK should be in the compost?


Answer by JH: If you want to test your compost, the Solvita test would be the way to accomplish it. You can google the term for more information.

Without knowing what your intended use of the finished compost is, I would add that compost is more than a natural fertilizer. Healthy soil should contain 5% organic matter. The only way to maintain that level is to either prevent the loss of organic matter from the soil or to add it in sufficient quantities, and the latter is an important reason for adding compost to the local soil (which may contain virtually none otherwise).

Answer by JZ: Here are some thoughts in addition to what JH sent to you. Ideally manures should go through a hot composting process to kill pathogens & weed seeds. The end mixture of a hot pile, ideally should have a C:N ratio of 25:1. This process is described in our Desert Composting Brochure.

NPK, to the best of my knowledge, is not a particular consideration for organic additions. All individual organic additions will have their own unique NPK values. These values are available on the www.

The NPK of finished compost has an NPK value of approximately 1:1:1 .

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