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Location for Hot Compost Pile


November 29, 2023

I am employing the hot composting method and need to start a second pile. However, I am not quite sure where to place it. The house is predominately south facing and the first pile is along the north facing wall. The other options are the east and west facing walls in the back yard. The west wall will have more shade while the east wall will require more work to prepare. Is location of paramount importance?


Answer by WR: A hot pile gets hot because of internal biological activity, not because of placing it in a warm location. So, it's not important to place it in a sunny location.  In fact, quite the contrary. I'd suggest that you place your pile in the shadiest place possible so that in the hotter months, moisture doesn't evaporate so fast.  If you can't keep your pile in the shade, you can cover it with a shade cloth.  (Retaining moisture is of prime importance in our dry desert climate.)

Answer by RR: I agree with WR, and it appears you have followed those guidelines with your first pile. You might also consider that placing your second pile in close proximity to your first pile might be advantageous when it comes to working on your compost for ease of operation, as well as aesthetics, rather than having your composting operations spread all around your yard. Happy composting!

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